Monday, August 05, 2013

A Lake Adventure

This past weekend some friends invited us to spend the day with them at the lake they were camping at just a couple hours north of us. We didn't manage to get there until after lunch time, but even with the late start it was a lovely day!

Yes, it really is that beautiful there, we are blessed to live where we do!

They have a boat and this awesome tube thing to ride on... the boys hair was hilarious from the combination of wind, lake water, and sunscreen!

We had so much fun we decided what the heck, we'll try out camping with four small children so we reserved a spot with them next year for two nights.  Shhh, I'm not sure they know what they've agreed to!

And now, I will go finish all the laundry that my small children manage to create... from playing in the yard/mud while we attempt to have our plumbing repaired (don't ask).

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