Thursday, March 20, 2014


I have a daughter.  She just turned 2.  Her name is Joy.

She's one of a kind!  Miss Independent and not afraid of anything, including climbing much higher than her Mama would like at this point!

She's not as verbal as her sister, but definitely just as loud.  Maybe a little more observant of the details of life while her sister observes people.  But quick to hug Mama when she's sad.

Joy, as opposed to Happiness, is a state of mind not dependent on circumstances.  To have the motto, "I Choose Joy", is something I wish for and have not come close to attaining.  I'm not an optimistic person by nature so it's hard work for me.  But to have to choose something, to make it intentional, makes it so much better when you finally do accomplish it, even a little bit.

It's not related to circumstances, but for me, it's hard to do in isolation.  I get too caught up in my own mind and tunnel down until everything is dark.  Just having a simple "meaningless" conversation can help bring me back.

How do you "choose joy" in your life?

And I hope my Miss Independent lives up to her name without too much trouble!

This is a post prompt from Lisa-Jo. Join in? If you don't have a blog or don't want to write there I'd love to have you write with me, even in the comments!


  1. Stopping by from FMF- thanks for sharing!
    I love your daughter's name, definitely a great reminder for you and for the world around her!
    I also believe it is about choosing joy, everyday and as hard as it might be.
    Have a JOYful weekend!
    - Katha (

  2. It's hard...but I have a very helpful printout excerpted from Ann Voskamp's blog hanging by the sink in my kitchen. Which happens to be where most of my resentful, bitter thoughts try to take root.
    Admonitions like: "Now is not a forever grace, but an amazing grace. Do whatever it takes to wake to wonder right here"

    Remembering what I've been redeemed from and the hope we have that's coming in the fullness of the Kingdom...IF I can grab hold of that perspective when I'm swirling the self-pity drain, then I can choose joy.
    But sometimes I need a loving friend to gently remind me:)


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