Sunday, March 16, 2014

Two Times Two!

My babies are two! Not sure I can call them babies anymore... they have SO much personality, but I also treat them more like babies than I did with either of the boys... maybe because there are two of them and I have less time.

They are into EVERYTHING these days.  Here, we got a box in the mail and they co-opted it as a bed.  They wanted their "banket" and for me to cover them up.

They really don't care that much about watching TV at all, but on the weekend when brothers are both home and watching cartoons with Kix in the morning they must participate.  Of course, then we have Kix to clean up off the floor.  Sometimes they eat them off the floor, other times they put them in the trash.

They adore brothers and will say goodbye to Cory in the mornings when he leaves for school and then later ask for him.  When I say he's gone to school they say "bus" because we can watch the bus pick him up out our front window.  He's usually home while they are napping in the afternoon and they love to see him when they get up!

Here's Noah sharing his new Lego magazine with them before bedtime.

Sometimes they will let me get in a few minutes of exercise, other times... they want to participate!  This day they had watched for awhile and then wanted to get in on it.  I guess they watch well!

Evidences of getting into everything...

On Friday we picked up balloons at the dollar store.  They LOVED them to death this weekend (as did Noah with his).  They've also started to figure out stickers and we get them at the bank and a lot of grocery/shopping stores.

Of course one of the best pictures didn't turn out because my camera was set to the outside pictures... I forgot I'd gone outside to take pictures of the crocuses coming up.  We have spring here now!

The laundry basket is so much fun to play in, but they are big helpers with the laundry too.  Putting their dirty clothes in the basket in the bathroom (while saying "laundry!") and helping Noah do his job of pulling all the baskets out to the laundry room and back again.  They know exactly where things go and especially Hope is very particular.  It's fun to watch.  But woe to you if you give her sister something she thinks is hers!  There will be much wailing over things like mixed up trays or bibs for meal time!  She'll also attempt to help her sister get dressed.

I had very little success with bunny pictures this time, but I didn't try too long.  This is Joy and she was willing to sit and hold Mr. Bunny.

Hope didn't want to cooperate until I bribed her with promises of "choc-et".

This is what started to happen anytime I put them both up together.  Hope will slouch down until she slides right off the front!  She's a goofball, but won't pose for the camera at all.

They both love to play pretend with cups and spoons and food.  Joy decided Mr. Bunny needed a drink!

Hope was trying to eat her balloon... although she was getting frustrated because she would pull it down and then try to grab the whole thing and it would float away from her. 

The girls have a lot of individual words, but not too many phrases.  One they have picked up from me is to hold up a finger for me to stay wherever I am while they run to get something.  They say "I back".  I say it a lot when I take one out to the car and don't want the other one to cry.  I hold up a finger and tell them I'll be right back to get her.  So now they use it on me.  You can see it a bit on the video at the bottom of this post.

The other things they say consistently are "Uh huh, yeah" and "Uh huh, sure" when they agree with you on something.  Oh and "next" means they want you to sit wherever they are patting the chair, usually so they can sit with you.  So cute!

My camera simply is not fast enough to focus on them half the time!  They are BUSY girls!

They've picked up spinning around in circles until they fall down or bump into each other.  And the other day we finally got to go outside to play other than just walk to the post office and they just took off like they were going to the PO on their own!  When I finally convinced them to stay in front of our house they had a blast riding the little 4 wheeler, picking up rocks, and helping me shovel the gravel into a spot that gets muddy.

Stats as of last Monday: 27 pounds each and 32 3/4 inches - give or take a bit on those measurements due to wiggly girls, but they consistently measure almost exactly the same with Joy being just a smidge bigger and taller right now.

We're wearing all 24M tops, but still some 18M pants so they don't fall off!  And a few 2T things that run small.

This was Saturday morning silliness with Daddy.  They are running to get some pretend food and putting it in his hands.  They will play this game indefinitely if you want!

Birthday Girls from Krista on Vimeo.

Birthday party pictures to come later!

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