Monday, July 14, 2014

Road Trip: Yellowstone!

When we found out that one of Brian's cousins was getting married in Billings, Montana this summer I was giddy to go back and visit Yellowstone along the way!

So we set out on our epic road trip with 4 small children.  First day's stop was in Bozeman with a friend from my days of working in the Park.  In case you've never been there... Montana is stinking huge!  It took us 9 hours of driving that, with stops and the time difference, added up to over 13 I believe.  Of course it didn't help that poor Hope had croup so I had to take her in to the walk in before we could leave.  But we made it and the next morning headed out to one of my favorite places on earth!

Yep, this arch is massive!  And I love it!

Boys will be boys... climbing everything in site!  The peak in the back right is called Electric Peak and yes, I've stood on top of it!

First wildlife spotting in the park, a mama elk with two babies!

A short stop at Mammoth Hot Springs.  It's always crazy to see how much it's changed in the years since I've been there.  That overhang above Cory's head was NOT there the last time we were here!

And the first time I was there in 2000 and 2002 much more of the terraces that you can see from the road had water/color.  Now they are almost all dead and gray other than this one section.  It's a living thing!

And then we headed off to set up camp at Canyon Campground... where they gave us a campsite, per my request, near the entrance to the campground.  Except they failed to notice I had 4 children under 12 on my reservation and gave us one right on the main road... of a 600 site campground, rather than on the back end of one of the tent loops.  After Joy about got tagged by an RV in the road we pretty much either had the girls on our backs or strapped into their high chairs.  Not exactly relaxing for camping.

More adventures to come!

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