Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Where's The Zoo?

My mom wanted to take the kids to the zoo so in the midst of all the crazy busy that is this summer we made a one night trip to Seattle to go to the Woodland Park Zoo.

After a few minor mishaps in the morning we finally made it to the zoo about noon, the sun was shining, but it wasn't too hot, a perfect day for seeing all the animals!

First stop, penguins.  They were totally interacting with the people standing by the window, super fun!  You can see the double bumps of the red stroller, that's the girls watching too.

Poison arrow dart frogs in the tropical building

Toucans making this crazy loud noise by rubbing their beaks on the branches.

Lots of different kinds of monkeys and monkey related creatures.

Even a human one!

We somehow managed to hit quite a few of the exhibits right as they were feeding the animals.  I guess the afternoon wasn't such a bad time to go.  This guy went crazy running and swinging around his pen.  His tail is seriously bigger than he is.

To the temperate forest zone with flamingos (I'd sure love to be able to sleep balanced on one leg!) the most adorable red panda and then the Cheetah!

Noah was super excited because he was wearing his cheetah shirt.  The cheetah was resting in the grass and actually had his head up for awhile, but I was holding up a girl to see and when I finally went back to take a picture he'd laid down.  Oh well.

My double turtle boys.  Cory was wearing his Ninja Turtles shirt and wanted to show that he was a turtle too.

The last time we went to the zoo Cory was not quite three, it was raining, and NONE of the animals were out.  This time, we saw them all and I'm actually not sure if I've ever seen a hippo before in real life.  We heard that the keeper was going to put food out, then he did, and then they let the hippo out to eat.  He was huge.

All my kiddos at the zoo!

And then randomly Joy decided she was going to eat the hippo so here she's going "nom nom nom" I guess maybe because we'd just been watching the hippo eat?  Too funny.  These girls have a LOT of personality!

My favorite part of the day was watching the giraffes.  They were trying to separate out two of them to move across to a feeding area, which I didn't realize and perhaps could have gotten better photos, but as we stood here and watched, the mom and baby pair started playing or fighting and running/cantering around in their pen.  It was the coolest thing to watch!  (But also a little sad since they were basically running in circles.  I hope at times they get to go free out in the big pasture area where the hippo and zebras were.)

On to see the elephants who were also lined up at the gate waiting to be fed.  The keepers came out and "planted" bamboo shoots and such in the ground, towards the area where we were standing so the elephant would come closer to where you could see him.

The girls have an "elephant song" that they sing and at the end you call the elephants.  They were having fun doing that here!

Face to face with one of the monkeys in an exhibit!

Wait, who are the monkeys here???

Our last stop was the komodo dragon, who wasn't very interesting being half asleep.  But next door were the meerkats.  They were all piled in a heap when we walked up to the window with one in the corner standing watch.  Suddenly they all started to wake up and crawl all over each other and then were looking up.  Cory looked up as far as he could from his angle and said there was a bird walking around on the top of their enclosure that had gotten their attention.

What you lookin' at?!!!

All in all I think it was the best trip I've ever had to a zoo!  We all survived and now we have some down time at home with friends coming to visit and swimming lessons for the next few weeks!

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