Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stitch Fix #4 - Improvement!

So maybe having a Stitch Fix* delivered the day we get home from vacation wasn't the brightest idea...

Taking pictures late at night when you still have a million things to do (did I mention school starts next week?) isn't very flattering, but I do it for fashion!

This time around everything fit, hooray!  But we've still got a little work to do!

I knew when I saw it that this one wasn't going to work, but not for the reason I expected.  Mainly, this girl always wears a bra, and not the strapless kind.  The stylist nicely suggested I wear it with a denim jacket or cardigan, but I get hot and not having an option to take it off probably wouldn't work because the fabric was too thin for anything other than summer around here.

But the biggest issue I have is the waist... somehow it sits all wrong.  This might be one of the least flattering dresses I've ever tried on.  Sad.  I really liked the hi-lo hem too.

Next up, green sweater.  I didn't think I'd like it much, but I was a bit surprised.  The Dolman sleeve cut is definitely not for me, I should have taken a photo with my arms out a bit, ugh.  But overall not too bad!

This one is a keeper.  I love blue and the fun lace cutouts on the back aren't too risque (most I see are way too low and show that bra again).  Plus, it actually fits!

Finally, this top was one I thought I'd keep, but on, not so much.  It looks fun, but is slightly too small in the chest and also, you can pretty much see right through the cream layer.  Too bad because it has a lot of character!

The earrings were the fifth piece.  They're okay, but not for the price.  The hooks for the ears were really short and I'm afraid I would lose one fast, especially with little girls that like to pull on my jewelry.  They also felt pretty thin like they would get bent fast.  Maybe that's not everyone's standards in fashion jewelry, but it is mine!

Okay, what do you think?  Favorite? What would you wear? Am I making the right choice?

*Check out Stitch Fix for yourself and if you use my referral link I get a credit too!


  1. I think the green dolman sleeve is super cute! It really flatters your body and the color looks good on you. I know that dolman sleeves take some getting used to, but the 3/4 length is really good on you. Totally agree about the waist on the dress and the diagonal shirt hits absolutely none of my good buttons. Glad you guys made it home safely!

  2. thea roundy9:23 AM

    I love the blue shirt!!! Not a fan of any ofvthe others but the blue shirt is a keeper!


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