Monday, October 27, 2014

Girl Quotes #1

I haven't collected many boy quotes lately because they've gotten so grown up in their use of language, but it's time to write down some of the funny things the girls are saying!  So, first edition of girl quotes!

When a girl asks for something and we say no, or something else, she will often then say "or not".  Example: "I go to church." "No, not right now, sister." "Or not."

Both girls, but more particularly Joy will say if they don't like or want something, "I can't like it."

Hope is a little bossy, but she's always paying attention to the details as well.  She will remind Daddy on the way out the door in the morning if he's forgotten, "Glasses!"

When we have Chicken Pasta Noodle Salad for dinner the girls get it mixed up with what a rooster says and call it "Cock a Noodle Salad".

Every time we drive into town we pass the train yard and the girls call out "woo woo" and then as we're going up the hill they say "Bye bye trains, see ya later!"

When we have huckleberry ice cream Hope calls it Chuckleberry.

Anytime there is a snake in a book and we are identifying animals they call it a "sssss" rather than a snake.

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