Tuesday, October 07, 2014

My Daddy's Birthday!

It was my Dad's birthday last week and this year I arranged something a little different.

I got a permit and on Friday my brother and I drove him up to the top of the world, bump bump, the whole way. 

Up to a place he used to work a lot and hunt with my brother too.

It was the most gorgeous fall day, but not quite color in the trees yet.

We didn't see any animals other than one hawk although Mara kept a close eye out.

There was this random boot in one of the logged areas.  Cracked me up!

Birthday man gets a milkshake on the way home courtesy of the 59er Diner.  Best milkshakes around and that's some serious whipped cream and sprinkles on top!

The next day we all gathered for a birthday dinner and Dad's favorite pineapple upside down cake!

I think Papa was telling Joy he was going to steal some of her dessert and she wasn't having it!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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