Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

I'm not sure I can remember the last time we got snow like this around here, wet enough to build a really big snowman!  Or course that means it was all melted by the next day, but it sure made me remember my childhood!

Noah making a snow angel

Hope eating snow

Noah eating snow

Joy eating snow, my children's favorite past time!

Daddy helped the kids make the snowman and it was so heavy they had a hard time getting the middle part up.

Twins eating more snow

Cory thought the bottom of the snowman was a good place to sit...

Hope learning to make a snow angel!

This girl wanted to eat ALL the snow, but after they'd been traipsing around in it for awhile I convinced her to only eat it off the tree branches because the stuff on the ground was getting kind of nasty.

Joy then had to try it off the tree...

Oh, but Hope found another untouched patch of snow on the ground

This is a cold face

Joy and the finished snowman.  The rock on top is a "laser" courtesy of Cory.

The Hope tongue getting snow

Oh, so this is where they learned it!

Daddy helping Joy learn the tricks of the trade!

Seeing as how last year the girls got to use their snow suits all of twice, it's promising that they've already used them once this year!  Here's hoping for lots more fun play time!

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