Tuesday, December 02, 2014

A New Christmas Tradition: Hog Hollow Farm

We had a rather eventful Thanksgiving, fodder for another post, but Saturday is our traditional day to get our Christmas tree.  This year we opted not to trek out into the woods on our own in hopes of finding the right size tree, but instead visit a farm run by my friend Molly's family, where ALL the trees are potentially the right size!

Hog Hollow Farm isn't too far out of town and they provide the complete experience!

Park just off the pavement and ride up to the farm in your own tractor-pulled hay wagon.  Music provided by Nana's new lyrics to Jingle Bells.

It also got really cold this weekend so we wore ALL our layers.

Once at the farm there are plenty of options besides just cutting a tree.  Try out your face as an ornament (or three), roast your own marshmallows (free!) or hotdogs ($) over the fire, and finally, just find that tree already!

We aren't too picky, just need one that will fit on a table top!  The boys had a go at sawing together with sister, Hope, supervising. 

A little help was required by Daddy, but finally, "timber"!

My tree warriors!
They even hauled it back to the trailer themselves! 

Now off to explore and help Nana find just that "perfect" tree for her house.

Once you are thoroughly chilled, head inside to pay for your tree, have some complimentary hot chocolate with a candy cane stir stick and check out all the fun knitted creations for sale!  Crowns by my friend Molly, hats by my other friend Melanie, and lots of other cute Christmas decorations.

Did I mention we are small town?  This is my friend Molly.  We ran into some other friends while we were there as well!

Micah took the group photo as we prepared to ride back down to our cars.

A very successful tree hunt, a fun new experience, and quite a bit simpler than what we've done in the past!  Besides the cold (did I mention it was cold?) we even got fresh snow on our way there!

Hog Hollow Farm graciously provided us with a free tree, but we were going anyway.  And I think the pictures speak for themselves!

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