Thursday, December 18, 2014

Kid Quotes

Noah has had a couple of good quotes as well as the sisters so I'm including them all.

When Hope sneezes she says "Bless Me"

Noah got a piece of pineapple down his sleeve while eating pizza the other night.  When Brian asked how it got in there he said "a catapult".  Which devolved into a bunch of random ways it got in there.

Noah playing a video game and doing well, Brian says, "You're cleaning up!" and Noah goes, "I'm cleaning the bathroom!"

The girls sing a great mix of songs, "The ants go marching down to the ground, to get out of the rainbow, boom boom boom" and "The ants go marching, won't you ride along with me?" (Mr. Rogers)

When we wash our hair we use "condition-on-er"

If you are wearing a skirt or dress that makes you a princess, because you can twirl.  If not, you are not a princess according to Joy.

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