Monday, April 21, 2014

What Stitch Fix Sent Me

I try to shop on a budget. But sometimes I need a little help in the style department. So if you haven't heard of Stitch Fix (referral link) it's a company where you fill out a survey about your personal style (what is that anyway?) and then they send you some clothes to try on that a stylist picks out for you.

So I've tried it three times.  I need some advice.  After each "fix" you fill out a survey saying what you did or didn't like and why.  They're supposed to get better as they get to know you.  However... the first two pieces out of the box were this tank top and jeans...

Tank is way too tight across the top and then flowy at the bottom.  I should have taken a front on picture because I felt like I was pregnant again.  Oh, and the whole pregnancy thing?  Yeah, after 3 of them these pants won't be staying up without a belt.  The tank I pulled up to my natural waist, not that I wear them there, but so you get an idea of just how low rise they are.  Also, I don't do skinny jeans at all.

Double fail.

This top I think I may keep although I'm not 100% sold on the blaring fuschia pink.  Also the cowl neck is heavy.  But I like the style and think it's miles better than the outfit above (now in my own jeans).

Then this cardigan.  Wasn't sure I liked the length and I'm really not sure I like the price... for $78 I could have bought 3 of them at the Rack last month.  Ugh.

However, in pictures I think I like it better than the one I got in December (also from Stitch Fix and the only piece to date I've kept from them). 

And finally I think they goofed when packing my box because this was listed as a dress... that's one short dress! ;)  But while the fabric is similar this is not a dress with a tie waist, it's a shirt.  I think I like the style, but the fact that I can't lift my arms more than about 40 degrees away from my body makes it a no go.

I know these types of style houses are limited by what they have on hand, but I do wish they would have more on hand to cater to the large portion of American women that have HAD children!  You know, we do like to at least try and be stylish at times too!

So... opinions please?  What should I keep?  Why?  Do you think you'd try Stitch Fix?

*I was not compensated in any way for this post, but the referral links will earn me a few dollars towards clothes if you make a purchase after signing up through me.


  1. You are in the winter pallet for color choice. I especially like the light blue with your skin tone. The fuchsia is nice too, but I understand how you feel about bright colors. I've owned a few deep pink items and most of the time they spent more time in the closet than on me. I like the jeans you own better than the skinny jeans. I tried skinny jeans last year and ended up giving them to goodwill.

  2. The aqua color top looks very nice.
    The navy outfit works.
    Shopping is so difficult when you have children. I hope this manner of shopping works for you and other Moms too.

  3. Well, I don't think I'd be trying Stitch Fix. Not that I'm super stylish but, it doesn't seem that they're listening to the data from the survey. I like the color of the cardigan but, like you said, $78 seems a bit steep.
    The fuchsia shirt is cute - if you're willing to wear the bright color!

  4. I am with you on the skinny jeans problem. I also received a pair of them in my box even though I specifically said in my original profile "No skinny jeans." Not all body types work with these kinds of jeans. I am tall with curves, which means I have a butt & thighs. How does 'skinny' anything work with that kind of figure?

    Boot cut jeans are so much more flattering for my shape. Despite what the 'trend' is of the moment in jeans, it doesn't mean I should be wearing them.

    As for the rest of my fix, however, they did a pretty great job. I kept 1 item and was on the fence about 2 others. If it weren't for cost and my bank account this month, I probably would've kept the other 2. Very curious to see what I get next month.


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