Thursday, March 31, 2016

No More Plastic Junk!

Tomorrow is April 1st. No, this isn't some kind of April Fools joke, what it means is we've survived "birthday month" and Easter, as well as the plague that visited our house and left me down for the count for 10 days right in the middle of it all!

So today with the sun shining and the windows open I'm doing a good spring cleaning and there are in my house!  We had the girl's birthday party at McDonald's (because they love it and you're only 4 once) and every kid came home with a little plastic bag full of McDonald's branded junk.  I have four kids, which means I had 4 bags full of junk.

And after church last Sunday they all got some more plastic junk.  Bracelets in plastic Easter eggs and giant cheap plastic sunglasses.  I feel like every time I turn around there is more plastic junk in my house and when I throw it away I feel bad because I'm just filling up the landfill.  Also, my kids apparently are mini hoarders.  Oy!

I've seen a lot of my friends posting about spring break for the past month, but ours actually isn't until next week and I'm super excited that it's supposed to hit 70 degrees this weekend and we will be OUTSIDE!  Those of you who had spring break while it was still snowing, I'm so sorry!

I love sending my kids outside (and being outside with them), but sometimes you need a bit of down time inside too.  And while my kids love video games, I don't love letting them play for hours on end.

The alternative?  Quality toys that will stand the test of time. 

Most of you know what we have a giant pile of Lego's that provides hours of entertainment.  The kids can all play nicely together (for the most part) and these are the antithesis of cheap plastic junk.  Now they do manage to get spread around the house, but at least when I pick them up they aren't going into the trash!

Each of my boys got a new Lego kit for his birthday, but honestly, they don't need many more.  Just a few specialized pieces here and there (the new Minecraft sets are pretty awesome!).  But they absolutely love getting new kits to put together.

So, when you don't need more Lego's and you don't want to contribute to the landfills, consider a subscription to Pley*.  They have all the latest Lego sets plus tons more options including robotic toys and quality preschool toys.

For about the price of one small Lego set a month you can rent as many toys as you want.  You're only limited by shipping times.  Consider it an investment in your sanity, especially if you have Spring Break still coming up!

"The Fine Print"
You are not charged if a few pieces get lost out of a Lego set. Each set is sanitized between subscribers. There are toy options for all ages, boys and girls, including babies.  New toys are constantly being added so check back often!

*This is a sponsored post and there are affiliate links where I will make a small percentage if you sign up.  All opinions are my own.

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