Friday, April 01, 2016

Birthday Number Four

Now that it's officially April I probably should chronicle my kid's birthdays!  Stupid plague that got me down just after the girl's birthday...

We did things a little differently for them this year because their party was away from our house, but their gift was too big to transport...

A doll house!

I was pretty excited for them to see it.  They didn't ask to watch cartoons for days, just got up in the morning to play with it!

The novelty has somewhat worn off now, but it's still pretty cool.  Except for the teeny tiny forks and knives that half of them immediately went missing.

We held their official party at McDonald's this year.  Since it was their turn for a party and every time we drove by they would sigh wistfully I figured it would be a hit, and it was!

13 little kids running around plus regular dinner people and it was kind of wild and crazy, perfect for turning 4!

I had to make gluten free cupcakes for Cory so these supplemented the cake they provided.  And they had ice cream.  Oy, so much sugar!  (and also treat bags with more junk in them)

Hope and Nana

Four!  I can't believe how old she looks in this photo.

Much fun was had by all and they were having so much fun playing on the toys that we just brought the presents home and opened them here.  Lots of fun play dough, art supplies, and dress up accessories.

Too cool for school in her new shades, Joy was playing with the doll house here the next morning.

I bought the Hape brand doll house because it looked pretty solid and also was simple and unbranded (Disney) so I figured it would stand the test of time.  It wasn't too hard to put together and there are lots of fun features!  Unfortunately the storage system I bought to set it on isn't deep enough so we're going to have to get a bit creative, but I think we'll figure it out.  For now it's living in the living room and that works okay.

Four year old portraits coming soon!

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