Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy New Year Weather

My dad said to stock up on candles... he forgot he was talking to the "candle queen". They came in handy the other night (Sunday) after the craziest wind storm ever and we had no power for 24 hours! Hooray for a well insulated apartment. It only got down to 60 degrees so we were fine and we went to a friend's house for dinner. Too bad Brian got a very short shower in the dark in the morning!
We still have one tree leaning against our carport right towards the end of our apartment building. A little old lady lives there so I hope they cut it down soon before something happens to make it fall. We had hurricane force wind gusts with sustained winds of about 40 miles an hour for about 8 hours. Yuck! I NEVER want to live where they actually have hurricanes! Because we didn't even have any rain/water along with it.

There are still people without power and it's supposed to get down to the single digits tonight and tomorrow with a wind chill factor below zero.

Nothing else very exciting is going on... I saw two movies in the theater in one week, I think that must be a record. My brother convinced me to go see Casino Royale... I'm not a fan of that kind of movie. And then my girlfriends took me to see The Holiday. It was okay, but had that lovely Hollywood morality. I did actually like one of the two couples played by Jack Black and Kate Winslet. They were cool and actually had real personalities.

Next on the agenda, two weddings before the end of the month, one of Brian's college friends and one of mine. Good thing I found a fancy maternity dress on ebay... :) and we have cool friends to stay with in Seattle and Portland (you know who you are!)

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