Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A fairly UN-eventful weekend

For once it seems that things went our way! We actually made it to Katrina and Andy's wedding 45 minutes early on Saturday. And while we were sitting in the lobby waiting we said "hey, at least we're here!"
They had some cool things at the reception, like hot chocolate toasts and gingerbread men and women for everyone to decorate. I was pretty impressed by all the different things they had considering Katrina had 2 1/2 months to plan it! But then again she is an event planner for her job! And it's not like she hasn't had a few years to think about it!Afterwards we stayed with Tim and Wendy and I went to a wedding shower with Wendy at my old church in Auburn (south of Seattle). I didn't know anyone there but one girl from before when I went there. The girl who's shower it was had gone to Multnomah and her roommates came up from the Portland area to throw the shower. So after the shower I asked one of them if they knew the 2 people I knew that went to Multnomah (both from Clatskanie) Molly or Adam. She said no to Molly, but that's Adam's wife over there! I had never met her so didn't recognize her. I went to talk to her and then Adam came to pick her up 10 minutes later so I got to talk to him. I hadn't seen him in probably 10 years so it was fun to catch up. Randomness!

Apparently all the auto body shops around here are quite busy and our car won't be able to even get in the shop until March. At least the guy at the Toyota dealer said he'd adjust the trunk so it will actually latch until then.

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