Saturday, January 20, 2007

The adventure we didn't want to have...

So we drove all the way down to Portland to go to Brian's friend Dave's wedding... and then we went to the ER instead. Ugh.
On the way to the wedding we got rear-ended on the interstate bridge. Basically all the cars in front of us slowed down real fast and the guy two cars behind us didn't (in a really big F350 or something) and hit the lady behind us in her light pick-up. But it could have been partly her fault in slowing down weird because she was completely wasted. And she had no control over her car so then ran into us.
The really scary part though was that we all slowed down, but she must have gotten knocked out for a bit or something because she didn't stop and started weaving back and forth across all 3 lanes of the bridge, running up onto the concrete barrier and across the lanes until she finally stopped in front of us. And she had fallen over so it looked like the truck was driving itself. I was really scared because I thought she was seriously injured to have fallen over like that.

Anyways, I called 911 while Brian when to put her truck in neutral so it didn't start going again. The paramedics showed up and the police. I had seen it coming in the side mirror so I got whiplash pretty bad. They were going to let me refuse a ride to the hospital until they found out I was pregnant. Then they strongly suggested that I at least go be checked out. They didn't make me go in the ambulance though. So after all the paperwork, etc. and seeing the lady be taken off in handcuffs we went to the hospital. They checked me all out and since the baby was moving normally (we got an ultrasound!) said I would probably just be sore and if anything started to be weird of course go to the ER again.

So we did finally get to go to the last half hour of the reception, which was nice, but very sad that we missed everything else.
And the car is drivable, but the trunk won't latch and the bumper is pretty well mashed!

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