Thursday, April 05, 2007


Cory meets Grandma...

and Grandpa...

and Great-Grandma!

This is the bunny, Flopsy, that Great-grandma thought would be the same size as the baby... I'm so glad he's smaller!

This is my favorite picture so far!

He's a pretty responsive little guy!


  1. he's beautiful. I see a lot of Brian's face, but he'll get over that someday ;-)

    Tell Brian "eets" said hi, and I'm really glad he commented on my blog. I miss the rare combination of his being deeply intellectual and ridiculously silly at the same time. Brings back some great memories.

    I don't have a phone # or email, so either he can email me or I can reach out to his mom??

    He is so cute - enjoy it all, it goes by so fast. :)


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