Friday, April 20, 2007


You'd think after 9 months I would be used to the fact that I have a baby. But no, it still kind of boggles my mind that there's this other little person here. It's like he just appeared by magic! And I'm totally responsible for him. That's kind of scary in and of itself.

I'm one of those people that change takes a long time to get used to. And I've been in such a haze for the last few weeks (who wouldn't be on an hour or two of sleep here and there!) that it really hasn't sunk in yet. It still feels like a dream. Not a bad dream most of the time, but still a dream.

Sometimes when he's not screaming and just awake and looking at me I think he understands me. Probably crazy, but he does make the cutest expressions! Pictures could never do them justice.

And I think I'll probably have to get used to always having a wrinkled shirt because his favorite place is sleeping on my chest which means we both get kind of sweaty... and so much for the shirt!

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