Sunday, April 15, 2007

A week from hell?

So, apparently I'm making up for having a relatively symptom free pregnancy by getting everything weird now. =( I haven't even been to my 2 week appointment yet (actually 3), but I've already been back to the doctor twice. First I got an infection and then after I get off the antibiotics my "stretch marks" have been turning bright red, spreading down my legs, and itching more and more. So yesterday I went to the doctor again to find out that I have a text book case of PUPP which is something like pregnancy induced papules. I looked just like the picture in the doctor's book. Basically it's a reaction to the fact that Cory has Brian's genes as well as mine. So now I'm on prednizone and trying not to scratch...

So this coupled with the fact that for some reason Cory's been screaming all week has not made for a lot of fun. I finally had a thought last night that maybe he has gas so I bought some drops for that and today he seems much calmer. Yay! It's actually quiet at our house at the moment...

Poor Brian has not gotten much sleep at all since he went back to work this week. He was even late for school on Wednesday. Good thing he can fall asleep fast so he can take advantage of any opportunity to cat nap!

On one happy note: Our car is finally in the shop and getting fixed. Woo hoo!

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your struggles. Don't you just wish they would tell you what all the yelling is about? Who would of thought that something like having a baby would be such a shock on the system.

    Brian, I will let you know when you can look forward to full, long deep sleep. Not yet... I will say that it has become my understanding that the perpetual need for sleep is really a badge of honor for a father. And I know what you are thinking, 'finally, honor in sleepless nights!'


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