Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy July!

We had a salute to armed forces in church this morning. It was interesting to see the men (all were men) who came forward as service members. There were quite a few of them - we go to a rather large church - and most of them were middle aged or older. I suppose part of that would be because the younger ones are probably still in service and we don't live anywhere near a military base.
Anyways, it was cool to see a couple guys up there I didn't know were veterans and we gave them all a standing ovation. Made me wish my dad was there as well. He's a navy veteran.

In Cory news: I got down in front of him the other day so you can see the world from his point of view and also see how strong (and cute) he is!

Look at me, I'm learning to crawl!
And I'm so darn cute you don't know what to do with me!
Sleeping with daddy in the mornings

The play gym I bought him last week... it's the only way he'll lie happily on his back.
And he "talks" to the critters and makes up stories for them!

Becca's 2 older kids, Isaiah and Lydia, reading the story Cars. Practice for daddy!


  1. I can't believe hold big/old is looking. Wasn't he just born the other day? How come 95% of the time that you have pictures of Cory and Brian they are sleeping? You have a great looking boy there.

  2. what a cutie!
    Watch out for the crawling, it's weird to not have them stay where you leave them. Then comes the 'drunken walk', which is terribly amusing!

  3. Because most of the time when they are sleeping it's too cute for me not to take a picture! When they're both awake they move to fast for me to catch! :)


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