Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Walking in the Rain

So I went walking with my friend Hawley this morning and we got soaked! Lucky Cory has a rain/sun shade so he was fine. But we have been having some crazy thunderstorms this past week. Friday morning and then today at 4am the lighting was so bright it woke me up! Or maybe it was the thunder right over head... At any rate it's been going off and on all morning and we had been planning to walk so we walked... and didn't quite make it home before it decided to pour again! I'm just waiting to see if it's started any fires that the rain won't put out.

Speaking of fires - we had one we could see from our place last weekend while Brian's parents were here. It's out now, but it was threatening some homes and you can tell it went right up to the edge of the orchards (which are nicely wet from irrigation). But this fire wasn't started by lightning, it was some idiot playing with fireworks.

You can see the flames on the leading edge if you click on the picture.
Black, right up to the orchards.
The view from out our front door.

And my brother is currently fighting the Tunk Grade fire up by the Canadian border.

In between the storms we've had some REALLY hot weather. Last Thursday we went up to Lake Chelan and played with all the camp people. The water there was too cold for Cory, but he did okay anyway. I was plenty cool against him after getting out of the water!
Then Saturday we went to a wedding up on Lake Wenatchee. It was absolutely beautiful! It was pretty hot there too, but about 20 degrees cooler than it was here in Wenatchee.

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