Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Official...

Cory is 4 months old tomorrow and he has figured out how to roll himself over. Unfortunately that means that he rolls over onto his back and then he's like a turtle on his shell! It startles him a little bit, then he lays there and coos for a bit and then he gets a little frustrated after awhile and we roll him back onto his tummy... He thinks it's a fun game!

Since I've been slacking... here are some more Cory pictures!

I'm Mr. Kimono Man in my Mickey Mouse blanket...
and just let me get it up to my mouth where I can chew on it!

4th of July and the Fearsome Foursome is finally all together again!!! Plus one member! Julie (on the bottom) has been in Florida for the past 7 or 8 years so we haven't seen much of her.

We went to a wedding 2 weekends ago. It was HOT, but Cory was a little trooper! And he's quite good at finding his own thumb now!

The best view in the house!

We read a new book about Elmo and Cory decided he really liked it (Elmo is red...) he wanted it so badly off the arm of the chair that Brian handed it to him and he grabbed it with both hands!

Reading books with Grandma is lots of fun, too!

It's also official that Brian doesn't have a job next year at the Christian School. Their enrollment is too low to afford to keep him. We're still waiting to hear back from his interview at Wenatchee. He doesn't think we'll hear until August. Ugh.

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