Monday, August 20, 2007

Middle of the Night Update

So, yes, it's 11:30 and I should be in bed, but I've been really bad lately about getting to bed before midnight. And Cory's been super fussy today so I'm sure I won't get much sleep... yay.
But, hooray! Brian has a job at Wenatchee High School! The same day I posted that we hadn't heard the principal called and said, "we'd like to offer you the job, but we have to wait for the district office to approve it". Talk about annoying. I almost wish she'd just waited to say "I can offer you the job" because we didn't know for sure that he would get it due to just having taken the math certification test on our way down here to Oregon. He's qualified under his science endorsement, but sometimes they can be picky.
Anyways, he has a job! So I can stay home with Cory, yay and double yay!!! I'm also thinking about starting a new business selling Discovery Toys. Anyone ever heard of them? I remember playing with Marble Works when I was a kid and I just think they have cool stuff so I guess I'd make a good saleswoman, right? :) At the very least I can get them for a discount for Cory!

So, T-5 (or it'll be 4 in a few minutes) days until the wedding! We are almost done painting the entire downstairs. Today we made a huge mess because the rec-room has wood paneling that had to be sanded... and I didn't think to tape up plastic in the hallway until we were half done. And I kept stepping on the little nails from the wallboards that were laying on the floor with the nails sticking up. Ouch!
Our plan is to be entirely done painting by Wednesday and then move everything back Thursday morning and take the rest of the day at the coast. I hope it's not too cold for Cory. It'll be fun though! First time at the ocean! Oh, and his bottom 2 teeth really show now when he smiles, it's adorable of course!
I've got some pictures now, but I think I'll wait til tomorrow to edit and post them since I really should be taking a shower to get rid of all the sawdust and then going to bed!
Good night all!

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