Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pictures Promised Now Delivered

The adventures from the last 3 weeks... just from the first half that I've gotten off the camera...

Grant and Tara Poujade

Cory and Grandpa playing after the wedding

Cory and Grandma Roberts

Allison and Joel at the prayer shower at church talking about Africa

Cory found his hat strap while Aunt Priscilla is holding him

Allison reacts to the gift that Brian thought up and I delivered...

A baby onsie that reads "Natural Family Planning worked for Me!"

Echo, Allison, and Dahlia - buds from high school
At the awesome shower Dahlia planned

Today was Allison and Joel's wedding. It went really well. We are all really tired now, but they are off!

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  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Hi Krista,
    It's fun reading your blog and hearing more family news. Andrea and I get together semi-regularly, but after the wedding, these are fun pictures to see. Your wedding was also VERY LOVELY in the garden. I loved that setting.
    Congratulations to Brian on the new job!!!! Now you can relax.
    Faith is a difficult concept when you need a job.


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