Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Okay, I will admit I have been spending probably way too much time reading other people's blogs lately. But it's so interesting! And the ones I have found - by clicking links on friends I know's blogs - are just fun and encouraging!
But here's one I couldn't pass up posted by a lady named Jenn. She got the idea from someone else, but I don't think she'll mind if I steal it!
How many things can I think of to be thankful for on Thursday...

In no particular order:
1. A husband, Brian, who is willing (no, wants) to provide for his family and makes it possible for me to stay home with Cory. And watching him come home and play with Cory is just too precious for words!

2. A roof over my head (air conditioning!) and PLENTY of resources to survive on. ~ This should be a given, but it's made reality after spending an hour or so talking to my new neighbor who's recently moved here from Tanzania (with the accent on the Zan) and can now afford to pay his own rent, go to college, and still have money left over to send home to his sister so she can go to high school, wow!

3. Friends: lots of them all over the world, I can't even begin to say why I'm thankful for all of them because there are as many reasons as there are friends!

4. Cory, who's healthy and happy (when he's fed!) and my beautiful baby!

5. Family: Christian legacies for my children to follow. They will have no idea how blessed they are to have all Christian grandparents!

I'm sure I could go on all night... but I really should get some sleep - oh, and Thank God for routines and Cory sleeping through the night!!!
Good night all and God Bless!

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