Sunday, December 30, 2007

9 Months Old!

And 2 days late. Blame it on the food poisoning, I'm still not really eating much other than toast and bananas. Yum.
These pictures were also a day late, but here they are. Please forgive me Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunties!

Here I am on my knees, bigger than the bunny this way!

I can stand up all by myself using the couch!

I'm so darn proud of myself, look ma, one hand!

Where Mama changes my sweater and I show how cute I am... again!

Please note that the reason for the sweater change was because it was a very poorly designed sweater. It was awfully cute in the store with it's zip up turtle neck. However, babies don't really have necks! And since zippers are stiff it was pushing at his chin and sticking out midway down his chest at the other end making him look just plain weird!

We then drove out to Moses Lake (2 hours) to visit with some long lost relatives. (well, okay, they weren't really lost, but since they live so far away and we never see them they might as well be lost!) They drove up from Milton-Freewater to meet us halfway, but most of them actually live in Florida and Pennsylvania. Confused yet? :)
Anyway, my mom and her cousin Pam are the relations, but Dad and Jim were friends in college and that is how my parents actually met... at Pam and Jim's wedding! So that makes me and Monica and Bryce what, either second cousins or cousins once removed. And then Monica has three boys, the youngest of which is about 6 weeks younger than Cory. It was fun to see them together!

The requisite photo in the Shari's lobby. Not my first choice of dining establishments, but when you're meeting in Moses Lake you can't be too choosy... there was a reason we called it Moses Hole when I was in high school!

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