Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh the cuteness...

that is my son! My brother's girlfriend, Annika brought him this overalls and shirt outfit since her job took her by the outlet mall every week this fall... it's size 12 months and other than the pants being slightly too long in the legs (and hugely baggy - do they think babies legs are 6 inches wide or something?) he fits them now. See?

I noticed the other day when I was out shopping that according to the charts in the stores he should be wearing 9 months clothes for weight and 18 months for height. What are we going to do?!!! Poor kid is going to be swimming in his clothes just so they're not high water on him! At least Carters and Gerber tend to run more long and thin. Do NOT get Circo (Target brand) if you have a tall skinny kid! We learned that right from the beginning when Cory would basically come out the neck hole of his outfits!

More pictures will follow... I'm not sure when! But I've got some of him standing up against the couch... and he got there all by himself!

This weeks contests...

From Mom Reviews win a My Friends Tigger and Pooh Christmas video - ends today.

From 5 Minutes for Mom a $200 gift certificate to True Jeans - ends Wednesday the 19th.

From Contest Beat and Cell for Cash you can win a Nintendo Wii. Wow! I had to sign up for this one considering how much Brian loves the Wii that his friends have...
You can sell or recycle your old cell phone (although we use ours until they're not worth selling). Good for the environment not to throw them away though! - ends Christmas Eve.

From An Island Life win a personalized photo mug or plate from FeeFiFoto. I'd get a mug probably. And who do you think I'd put on it? I dare you to guess! - ends ? (I'm betting by Sunday)


  1. Another store that has clothes for the long & lean (Addison is as well) is the Children's Place/Baby Place. Sometimes I have to fold the waist once, but I've had great luck with their sizing. Another place to avoid is Gymboree - I love their styles but not for the long-legged!

  2. Anonymous10:02 PM

    I love this picture of Annika and Cory. I must have a copy.


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