Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Yes, that would be the gift of food poisoning. It appears that is what it was considering now my brother's girlfriend and my mom have it and it looks like my dear hubby is also coming down with it. So far Dad's the only holdout... go Dad and your iron stomach!
I am feeling much better, but still not 100% and poor Cory has a fever. At least he couldn't have gotten the food poisoning, but I wonder if he got a little something weird from me... he didn't last time, but who knows.
Bummer on our after Christmas vacation time. Brian and Dad were supposed to go skiing today. I was supposed to go shopping and to the post office to mail late Christmas presents and none of that has happened. Ah well, such is life! I'm just glad Brian made it to the store last night before we all got sick.


  1. hmmm- sounds like what all of us had last week as well. Not food poisoning, but a nasty variation of the roto-virus. All 3 of us were puking last week (LeRoy & I only for a day, but Addison had it major for 4 days, and some after-shocks up until this morning. Her poor tummy doesn't kow what to do with food anymore.) Anyway, my sister in Tacoma and her family all had it, including her hunband's Aunt. My mom got it after we had it, and a family we know at church had it the week before us.
    Sounds the same - nasty virus, but thought I would let you know so whoever cooked can feel better. :) Also on the gross side, when we went to the DR for addison she told us this is only passed through body fluids from the stomach, which means you have to get vomit or diarrhea in your mouth to get it. It only takes one organism to make you really sick. EEwww, but comes with being a parent I guess. Hope you all feel better soon! and watch out for dehydration - pedialyte is great for adults too!

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Yeah, I had rotavirus a few weeks ago, too. Not fun.
    Even if it is food poisoning, which has happened to me on a grand-family scale, make sure you stay hydrated!
    Pedialyte is better tasting than gastrolyte. And Gatorade is even better :)


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