Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Bro's Arctic Adventure

My brother and his girlfriend and his dog left on Wednesday for parts far north. They packed up all their stuff in his Dodge diesel with canopy and snowmobile trailer in tow and headed out. He has a job in Valdez, Alaska as a guide for a skiing company (maybe heli, I'm not sure).
So far they've made it part way through British Columbia. They got to Kamloops on Wednesday night and stayed an extra day there since the Bro went to the doctor and got diagnosed and a prescription for pneumonia. Yesterday they headed out again, but this morning he called my dad up to see if he could look up tow companies on the internet. The trailer had gotten a flat tire (on brand new tires no less) and they didn't realize it until they'd worn it all the way down to the rim and it was so mangled it wouldn't come off.
That's the latest I've heard... keep in mind that it hasn't been above about 20 degrees F all week here where we are and they are heading North...
Poor Bro. I hope he makes it without more adventures since he's supposed to start work Feb 1.

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