Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weekly Contest Roundup

Hello, would you like to win a pair of diamond earrings? Do you have a blog? Today might be your luck day because Goldsmith Jewelry is giving away a pair of diamond studs worth $1500. For that price I think it can buy a little space on my blog! The only diamonds I've ever owned are on my wedding ring (and yes, I like them VERY much). I have a pair of Austrian leaded crystal earrings that might pass for diamond... but it would be cool to have real ones. Although for $1500 I might not want ones that big! Anyways, they are offering this prize as a "grand opening" of their new website. They were a brick and mortar store only before. So check them out!

Next up is Crazy Hip Mamas who with the help of Better Today is hosting a giveaway for $100 to the Container Store. Since I'm in the process of purging organizing trying to get rid of a little bit of junk at my house this would come in handy! You know, since I have baby stuff that I'm not exactly going to give away right yet! The criteria for their contest is to tell your best organizing/decorating tip. Well, I would have to say it's easier to decorate when you're organized! And it looks better, too! So, start with the organizing. There's this rule that if you haven't used something in a year then you should get rid of it. I'm slowly working up to it. There are a few exceptions (like scrapbooking supplies that I just haven't used yet), but for the most part I think this is a pretty good idea. I haven't gotten too far on my purging organizing throwing a bit of stuff away, but I have given away some stuff on FreeCycle. You guys ever heard of that? It's AWESOME!!! You've got good stuff that you just don't use, but you don't know what to do with it (or who to give it to) so you post on there and people email you that they want it and they come pick it up. So I guess that's my tip! Google search FreeCycle plus your city (or nearest large town) and sign up! You can get some good stuff, too! The key is it is all given and received for Free!

And for your feet... a $100 to Onlineshoes.com! By MomFinds.com
Maybe, just maybe they have something there I can wear... I have the hardest time finding shoes that actually fit me!

Happy contesting!

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