Monday, March 17, 2008

1st Birthday Party!

Technically 2 weeks early, but when this is the time all the grandparents can be present... that's when it happens!

The Froggy Man's Birthday!

Mmm, I like candles!

I'm not so sure about this frosting stuff...

Mama, get it off, it's slimy!

I'm not sure I like the taste either...

Oh, okay, now I've got the good stuff!

All gone, more please!

See Grandpa, it's so good I have to eat the plate!

I get lots of cool presents.
Watch out Hollywood!

I have friends at my party
and I share my balloons.

Grandpa is just plain silly!

Actually, so is great-grandma!

The party was a great success. More pictures to follow, including the froggy man birthday cupcake cake, but I'm exhausted from this weekend and going to bed! The guest at the party from farthest away was Auntie Allison, who came all the way from Boston!


  1. How fun!

    We are currently planning the big 2 for Kayla. Tea for Two and Tutu's

    Krista's first birthday is fast approaching, April 3.

    We've had friends from PA here so I haven't updated the our blog in a week! I'm so behind on everything!

    Hope all is well with you, Krista! :-)

  2. OOPS! See that's what happens when you have 3 kids!

    KAYLA'S birthday is April 3!

    Krista's first birthday seems right around the corner and September will be here before I know it.

  3. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Looks like he enjoyed the cake!
    Happy birthday to the wee man!

  4. Too precious. I love first birthday's & the cake/cupcake pictures. They are favorite moment of mine.

  5. How fun, Krista! What a darling little one year old! You can tell he is the apple of everyone's eye ... as well he should be! I have probably asked you this before but how close to Auburn, Washington are you?

  6. glad you got a mixer,..and such a prietty one!!! i HAVE A blue one, was kneeding bread and jumped off the counter,. but it survived. :) hope yours survives a long time too..your boy sure is big for one!!


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