Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Cory!

Since we are leaving at O-dark-thirty in the morning I took Cory's one year bunny pictures today. He's standing up all by himself! And he's taken a couple steps towards us in the past week... and then leans and expects to be caught! We'll get there soon though!

I got our suitcases out of the storage shed the other day... and Cory thinks they are the best new toy. Tonight as I was going around getting ready he found his new throne. He was quite happy to just sit there for awhile, until he dropped one of his toys off the side. Then he didn't want to get off to get it!
Here we go Mom, I'm ready for vacation!

Happy Spring Break!


  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    well happy b'day little guy! hope the trip is a fabulous break.

    Senora Patron
    bloghoppin' and sippin' on a Friday nite cuz my life is just THAT exciting. ☺

  2. He's adorable and happy birthday to him.

    Happy Spring Break. My kids just started their break. I thought I'd get to sleep in a little later before I went to work, but the oldest daughter is on jury duty downtown (about 45 minutes away) and she doesn't drive, so I don't get a break after all. Oh well. That's life.

    I'm bloghoppin', too, on a very exciting Saturday night. :)

  3. what you dont like to crawl around on suitcases to amuse yourself?? great pictures!

  4. Anonymous4:59 PM

    What a handsome little fella. :)

  5. Happy Birthday Cory!

    (sorry I'm late...yet another reason to be glad Swearyn is out of my life)


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