Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It Is Spring, Right?

Yesterday I was walking around in short sleeves, this morning it's snowing. What is with this weather?!!! At least it was sunny for part of the day... although I hear this was only the first of three storms passing through... here's hoping they go away by Friday morning and don't dump snow in the passes since we're supposed to catch a plane at noon in Seattle!

Spring Break in Arizona here we come!

This past Saturday it was actually nice out and we took Cory outside. Brian set him in the grass (in his socks) and he didn't like it AT ALL. So he put his shoes on and then his feet were fine...

But he wouldn't move from where he was set because he refused to put his hands in the grass. It was cute and really funny watching him because he wanted to crawl and explore so bad!
What is that, Daddy?

I think this one is my favorite. Too cute, squatting down to check out the dead leaves.

Still not too sure about that grass stuff...

Sunday we all got dressed up for Easter, but missed church. Cory came down with another cold and at the time we should have gone he needed a nap and at the other service time we would have been too late to get a seat. Our church is always packed to overflowing on Easter.

So instead we went up to Leavenworth to visit my Grandma and then for burgers at Gustav's. Now I remember why I don't go there... over priced grease. Yum! Cory liked the fries though and we got a really nice family picture. Oh, and it was snowing then, too.

Happy Spring!


5 Minutes for Mom is giving away $200 to True Jeans. This would be nice although I might have to save it for the fall since I seem to be dropping clothes sizes like crazy. Finally all that baby weight is coming off!

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  1. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Oh, never mind the snow, looks like spring is really coming. Good for the little cutie boy!:-)


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