Thursday, July 31, 2008

16 Months!

Okay, I know I am already 3 days late with this and I don't even have any pictures. :( We have been just crazy this week - we are almost done painting! - and I tried to take some bunny pictures of Cory, but needed Brian to help me since Cory isn't exactly into holding still!

Anyway... I've been writing this every time I notice something I want to document. So here is month 16 in review.

Time's flying by! My baby isn't a baby any more, that is for sure!

Just this past weekend when we left him with my parents my mom taught him to say "pe-uw". She has this thing for stinky-ness and he left her a really smelly diaper. Thanks Mom...

Oh, and that was his first ever night away from Mommy!

Now it seems he's figured out that he can copy what we say. If it's a simple word he will give it a try and more often than not it's a reasonably good representation of the word. Look out world, Cory's talking!

Words that he will use without prompting: (in general order of when he started using them)
Ba (Ball)
Nana (for banana - the most important word ever!)
Balloon (sounds like BA-bum)
Soos (shoes)
Wa (water)
And just yesterday he said Baby when looking at a doll and having me say the word.
These last two he's kind of been saying since he was about 7 months old. But he really doesn't actually call us by name.

Daddy's teaching him things like tickling, where he will go pull up Brian's shirt and "tickle" his belly! And also where his own belly is. He will now pull up his shirt and pat his belly when you ask him where it is!

His 4th molar finally popped through so he now has 12 teeth, including one molar on each side top and bottom. We're starting to use the silverware, but no idea which hand he will be yet.

He's definitely becoming more independent and we're working on him coming when we call him. Or not running away when we tell him to. He doesn't particularly want to hold your hand unless you're going the way he wants. That means that he doesn't get to walk.

In general though he's pretty sweet and a happy little guy!

Tomorrow (probably today for most of you) we are going to the waterslides in Chelan. They have some kiddy slides and I think if I go down with him he will love them.

Happy weekend everyone!

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