Friday, July 18, 2008

Camp Mis-Adventures

This week Brian is speaking for high school camp at Camas Meadows Bible Camp. This is where I was a counselor when I was in high school. I never imagined back then that I would go back as the speaker's wife!

We were supposed to stay up there with him... but 50+ high schoolers running around and one small child who needs to sleep are not the best combination.

We moved from the speaker's room down to the founder's house, but that made it really hard for me to be involved at all since I think Cory has been going through a growth spurt and just sleeping a ton. The speaker's room is in the lodge and I could have used my baby monitor, but the founder's house was too far away... yet still close enough to be loud!

I did enjoy talking to the founders, but many hours sitting in their house as opposed to hanging out with the kids wasn't exactly what I had planned. Needless to say, we came home with Brian on Wednesday morning when he came down for summer school. (but I did get to watch that crazy All-Star Baseball game that went to 15 innings Tuesday night!)

Cory did have a chance to find the drum set... I think we have a future musician on our hands (I know so if the grandma's have anything to say about it!)

This is serious business!

Wednesday was Lake Day so after summer school we drove up with Brian. We pulled into the parking lot and Cory could see the water. He was pointing and going "wa, wa, wa". Think he likes the water much?

He was giggling like CRAZY at the waves and had no fear of walking out into the water. Unfortunately he did get cold eventually.

He's learned to navigate his dolphin floater toy if he can touch the bottom. And I don't think it will actually tip all the way over (although he certainly tries!) but he does get a face full.

On the way back from the lake we could see the aftermath of the fire from last week. Across the river we drove about 7 miles and the whole hillside was black, clear down to the highway on that side. There were some houses, but they were in the middle of orchards so no worries since the orchards are so green a grass fire won't burn them.

So now Brian is up at camp speaking and I am painting some more at my parent's house. Maybe I'll get some pictures tomorrow!

I guess I was expecting a little bit of a repeat of my experiences in high school. But I'm not exactly a high schooler anymore (10 year reunion 2 weeks ago!) and I haven't had the opportunity to hang out with all of them. I would have liked to play some night games though...


  1. yeah I can understand that, I would never stay at the lodge during camp...waaaayyyy too loud!!! I was able to go and hang out this year as apposed to last year but I think it was because my kids are finally old enough to handle me being up at camp and daisy finally figured out how to controll the walkie talkies.

  2. That lake is beautiful! I love the little plastic dolphin thing that your little boy got to float around in too. I just found your blog, and I really like it!!!

  3. Great pictures!

    Just think, someday soon you'll be sending your little guy off to camp too. Then you can get some quiet. :)

  4. I gave you a blogging award.


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