Wednesday, February 04, 2009

22 Months

Well, once again I am a week late in posting this... we had nasty colds all last week and they are still hanging around. No fun at all.

This month Cory is talking more than ever. He's started putting 3 or 4 words together, especially if it's something you want him to say.

My Little Prince

He always wants to "snuggle pillow" which means that he wants to go in on our bed and lay down, usually on Daddy's pillow! It's awfully cute! And lately he's been coming up to me and laying his head on me and saying "snuggle pants" or "snuggle shirt", whichever body part he happens to be snuggling!
He also thinks that being cute will get him out of finishing his dinner... in the case of "hug you Mama" or my personal favorite "hug-a-mama".

We got a very brief dusting of snow a couple weeks ago. We've had nothing since all our snow melted and blew away in a wind storm at the beginning of January. So I quickly put on Cory's snow clothes and took him outside. He immediately found our shovel and wanted to help...

He was having a bit of trouble with it falling down on him, but I finally remembered he had his own that we got him for Christmas... he had a blast!

Here he is coloring a picture for Auntie Allison. He told Brian to "hold it" so that he didn't have so many crayons in his hand and could color properly. Then Brian sneezed and he said "bless you".

Just last week Brian was fixing one of Cory's little cars and he thought the tools were so great that he was trying to "fix it" later. So Brian went and bought him his own tool set... he took Cory with him and came home saying he would never take a kid down the toy aisle again. I could only laugh!

The set came with a pair of goggles. Brian told Cory he would put the goggles on and then he could go to work. With goggles on Cory walked over to the door and started saying "work, work" as if he was leaving because we always say Daddy's going to work when he leaves in the morning!

When I take a picture of Cory then he says "see Cory" because he knows he can see himself in the preview screen!

Here he is with his bunny! Sorry for the poor quality of this picture. Do you know how hard it is to pose a toddler when all he wants to do every time you put the camera up to your face is "see Cory?"

He's finally figured out how to climb up on couches by himself. We didn't really encourage this since it was easier to keep him off the end tables! We had a little tool box that he could use as a step stool to get up on the one couch, but now he can get up on any of them...

And no, this was not posed. He climbed up with a book all by himself and I just managed to grab a picture! I'm so glad he likes books like his mama!


  1. He's so cute! And yes, I am so glad that Emma loves books as much as I do. She has to read to herself everynight before bed, and we always find her snuggled up with a couple of books.

  2. Too cute of him with the shovel :D I love it!!

    I love the shots of him reading, it's so important !

  3. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Cory is too precious for words. I love him! Grandma


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