Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Orchid Story

Last year my husband bought me an orchid for Valentine's Day. It was in bloom and those blooms lasted for more than three months! I remember specifically that it was still blooming on Mother's Day.

Then I killed it. I either under watered it or over watered it. I'm not sure which was the actual killer.

So I bought another one because they were on sale and promptly killed it by trying to re-pot it.

This year my husband bought me a new orchid. This one is prettier because it has character. I love the spots! (last year's was pretty too, but it was solid purple)

Our good friend, Sami, keeps orchids and I have asked her how to properly care for it this time. Here's hoping it will keep blooming for 3 months and also bloom again!

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  1. Beautiful orchid!! I've always found less waterng is the better way to error.

  2. Great photo of the orchid it does look really cool

    Great photo friday

  3. Anonymous6:23 AM

    I'm always killing plants. I have none in our home at this moment because of the many fatalities.

    Thanks for letting me know about your parents. I'll have to see if I can interview them about Cancun. God Bless.
    Boo Boo

  4. It's a beautiful flower! Good luck!

  5. Very beautiful, I love the spots too. I always manage to kill plants, hope you have better luck this time!

  6. Orchids are such sensitive plants. I don't even bother to try with them any more. Good luck! They are beautiful. They require a fairly warm temp to be happy and aren't too pleased that we keep our house at 60 during the winter.

  7. It's very beautiful and you are right, full of character. I have never been able to keep one alive very long. I love their scent.

  8. Anonymous10:48 PM

    The spots make it extra-beautiful! My mom has so many orchid plants. She's had them for years and blooming season after season. She gave one for me to care and what happened? Dead in a few days.

    Goodluck with your orchid!


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