Thursday, May 07, 2009

Moms and Models

My grandmother lives in assisted living home just up the street from my parents. They always have a gathering around any holiday. Today was their "Mother's Day Tea" and they decided to hold a fashion show, with the emphasis on wedding dresses.

My mom still has her wedding dress as well as my grandma's and they are in pretty good shape. She got two of the junior high girls to wear them as part of the show. I brought my dress to hang, but it wasn't well made so has some tears in the sleeves and I didn't want it to rip more.

This is my Grandma's dress, worn by Erin. It's 70 years old this year. The flower is fake, but the necklace is one she wore as we have a picture from the wedding as well.

Hannah wore my mom's dress, which was made by my Grandma.

I think we were the most represented family there, but it was fun!

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  1. How sweet. I bet your grandma loved seeing her dress worn again!

  2. Thats really cool :)

  3. That is great.

    And you will all treasure that picture together.

  4. That's cool. Very pretty dresses.

  5. what a great idea, such a nice story for mothers day weekend. Here’s my photo story

  6. Anonymous9:13 AM

    That is really cool. I hope one day I have a daughter or granddaughter that can model my dress for me.


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