Sunday, December 06, 2009

A Train Ride again!

On Saturday we went downtown for the annual free train ride the first weekend in December, just like last year.

Cory was big enough to sit in his own seat! Unfortunately the seats in this particular car were almost not big enough for Mama, especially with my prego tummy!

Nana had to sit in the box car... and these 2 yahoos made it unlatch or something!
They had to stop the train and call for reinforcements, but we got going again without too much fuss. Cory thought it was pretty cool they were working on the train right behind him.

I told Cory to hold onto his ticket... and right after this picture he dropped it. Oh, the wail! It was so cute except he was so sad! Good thing Daddy was there to rescue it!

All in all, a fabulous day for a train ride down by the river!

Shh, don't tell Cory, but we are going to have a train party next spring for his birthday! You can rent the train for 2 hours and have it all to yourself (3 rides, which are pretty decent). I'm thinking he's going to love it!

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