Friday, December 12, 2008

A Train Ride

We are so blessed where we live. Add this day to the one back in October where we got to see the airplanes that Cory loves and he's been pretty spoiled this fall!

Cory and Daddy taking a ride on the small gauge train!

We were there 10 minutes before the rides were supposed to start and we still only got on the third train. People who were in line later were probably going to wait an hour or more to get on.

It was a beautiful day (a bit cold, but hey, it's December!) and the train is in the park down by the river.

Unfortunately they were having a bit of trouble with the trains this day. They had already had to switch out one engine and then the train that Cory and Brian were on derailed! Well, the engine and the first car came off the tracks a bit. It wasn't a huge deal! ;)

So then Mommy and Grandma walked over to catch up and since it was taking so long some of the other people got out. Then we got in to ride the rest of the way around!

After our ride and while the next group was loading the engineer let Cory sit in his seat. He was fascinated watching the engine and hearing it be so loud!

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  1. Cute little train there :)

  2. Those little trains are so fun for kids!

  3. Anonymous9:02 PM

    My hubby would so not fit on that thing! Bummer! We went on one last year that was nice though, it was not on a track, it was pulled by a tractor - I bet the small ones being the kiddos size is so much fun for them :o)


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