Friday, February 26, 2010

Book: Double Trouble

Back in May I reviewed Nothing But Trouble and now the second book in the series about PJ Sugar is out: Double Trouble. It's a great addition to the series, but I really wouldn't recommend reading it alone. Even having read the first one some months back I was having a hard time following the story sometimes. I highly recommend this book, it's funny and keeps you guessing til the end, but I'd definitely suggest reading the first one just before reading this one!

Book description: PJ Sugar has finally found something she's good at. Now she's trying not to mess it up. Her first official case as a private investigator - well, technically a PI's assistant - is house-sitting for a witness in protective custody. No danger involved, assures her boss Jeremy Kane, much to PJ's disappointment.

At least PJ can take the next ten days to figure out the rest of her life... especially whether or not she should accept Detective Boone Buckam's marriage proposal. But one break-in by a late-night prowler is enough to put Boone's request on hold and send PJ's sleuthing skills into overdrive. Clearly this witness is hiding something... and it may cost PJ her life.


I really like the PJ's character. She's real and seems to never be able to do things right. This is a Christian book, but it never seems over done to me. Just a girl making mistakes and trying to figure out how to do life right.

I always think Susan May Warren's books look interesting and these are no exception!

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