Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Before

These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago, right in the middle of getting the new vinyl on the floor (which wasn't actually necessary as all the repairs were under the sink, but hey, we didn't have to pay for it and I got to pick it out, score!).

No, the curtains are not mine and yes, they are going away ASAP!

At the far ends of each counter top are going the fridge (left) and on the right is where the washer/dryer hookups were. We are building a laundry room out the door in the garage. Hooray! Then eventually we will get a dishwasher next to the sink and a whole bunch more counter space!!!

Oh, and did you notice the old old stove? That's going away too, especially with knobs on the front at kid height. And one burner that doesn't ever turn off except by the breaker... fun times!

Living room is to the left where you see my black and white purse. 3 bedrooms and a bathroom are "behind" me.

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  1. Nice kitchen! I'm sure you'll be glad when all is done!


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