Friday, February 05, 2010

A Brief Update

Here I am, stealing my best friend's internet... We just found out that we won't get our fiber internet installed for "a month or two" because they are waiting on the ground to thaw. Which is ironic because the same PUD is installing new power poles just half a mile from our house and I know they're digging deeper for that than they would have to for the fiber line!
Anyway, we'll be getting dial-up internet in the mean time so I can at least be partially connected to the world! Just don't expect too many pictures for awhile!

We got our new stove installed on Friday/Saturday and in the process discovered that 2 layers down on the linoleum was this fabulous 70's green layer that had a ton of texturing. Why anyone thought that would be a good idea in the kitchen... I'm just glad I didn't have to keep it clean!

And, after moving all day Saturday we were unpacking and decided to stop at midnight. Then couldn't find the sheets for our bed! After opening literally every single box in the house we found them in the bedroom behind some large pictures stacked against the wall. Of course, right where they should have been!

So far the trains aren't bothering me too bad at night although they do whistle quite loudly. However, they wake Cory up quite a bit and then he calls out, "Mama, train!" which always wakes me up! Between that and the neighbor's heating unit that makes an ungodly squawk every time it kicks on I will be so thankful when we get our new windows this spring/summer!

Let the adventures continue!

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  1. When my family moved to Nebraska, the train tracks were 3 blocks from our house. The whole house would shake when a train went by, which was about once every 10 mins. At night they slowed down to about every 15 mins. I remember the first two nights wondering how I would ever sleep, because by law a train must blow the horn when it passes through town.

    ...after a week, I didn't even hear the trains anymore.


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