Monday, April 11, 2011

A Day at Nana and Papa's House

On Saturday Noah and I went to pick up "brother" who had stayed over a few days at Nana and Papa's house.  We brought Noah's new ride on toy that he got for his birthday so he could really have some space to ride it.  Unfortunately it's not proportioned well for him so he's either standing up (as in the picture below) and kind of shuffling or just going backwards.

Good thing they live on a dead end as he always seemed to end up in the street!

While throwing the ball for Cayenne it ended up in the neighbors yard where she couldn't find it so Nana and Cory went to look.  Noah quickly abandoned his rider and took off after them.  He's getting pretty good at walking although he tends to get going and his torso is faster than his feet and eventually he face plants!  So far no major injuries from it!

Cory's getting a bit too big for the tricycle, but at least he's finally figured out how to pedal!

Cory and Nana had made cookies for Papa's choir festival this weekend and when I arrived he wanted me to have one right away.  On it's way to my mouth it was waylaid by Noah.  He got a bite and ahold of the cookie with both hands.  Any time I tried to move it away from him (so I could maybe have a bite!) he quickly pulled it back and took another bite, even if he hadn't finished his earlier bite!  I think he had 3 or 4 bites in his mouth at once and we were all cracking up!  The kid knows what he wants, especially when it comes to food!

We're going to visit Aunt Allison and Uncle Joel for a week in June and I told her, be prepared for 3 adults and one child... the third adult is Noah!  He eats everything and almost as much as I do!

Cory and I went down to listen to Papa's rehearsal while Noah was napping, but I didn't get any pictures.  L-bow the clown sings in the choir and stands right next to Papa.  He had done a show at the welcome reception the night before (which is what the cookies were for) and Cory was asking me why he was in the choir!  And also if he could hear.  Apparently part of his show is that he pops a balloon and then pretends he's gone deaf.  So I had to explain that he really could still hear, it was just pretend.  4 year olds are quite literal...

And we have a climber on our hands.  Noah was so interested in what was outside.  But as I turned away he started crying because he couldn't get down.  Now to teach him that part!  He does actually know how to turn around and go feet first off a couch or bed, bonus!  But he has a hard time when he can't see first where he's supposed to go.

Fun times at Nana and Papa's house!

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