Friday, April 29, 2011

If I knew I could, I would...

Intentionally blurry, like me
If I knew I could, I would start my own photography business full time.  I mean, a for real photography business that does babies and weddings and seniors and families.  None of this, I sort of do photography, when I have time.

And I know you're supposed to specialize, find your niche, but I love it all.  Even nature photography.  Half the time that's the only thing that will hold still long enough for me to get all my settings right.

Cherry Blossoms
I guess that's the other thing.  If I knew I could, I would stop criticizing myself in front of other people, especially potential clients.

I love photography, I think it's my one real passion right now.  But it seems to be completely on the back burner and with no real reason (other than enjoyment) to pursue it I can't afford to spend the time or the money to make a go of it.

Click on this one to get the full effect
The other night I had the chance to drive up the road a couple miles to the cherry orchards in bloom and I just took a half an hour walking around (in perfect light) taking pictures and trying to get the shots the way I thought they looked in my head.

These are the best of the batch.

The orchardist drove by and wanted to know what I was doing.  For a minute I thought he would tell me to leave and I would be severely disappointed, but he just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything weird.  I guess photography isn't too bad and he didn't yell at me for tresspassing.

A hidden friend here
I pretty much lost track of time.  I could have stayed another hour if I hadn't been losing the light.  Then another hour at least, just picking and looking and playing with the pictures.  These have only been very lightly edited except for this artsy one.  I like my photography realistic.

I truly love where I live

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  1. Do it! Don't hold back! If it is your passion, follow it! What a beautiful thing to do. I enjoy photography myself and long to be better at it... I say go for it! Blessings to you!

  2. Your photo's are gorgeous! You should definitely step out and do this. We tend to be our own worst enemies and critics. As Charissa says above, "go for it girl!!"

  3. If you ever need any kids to practice can always borrow mine for a few hours :) And hopefully I'll have one in a few weeks that will hold still :)

    You are doing great with your photos!

  4. I know exactly how you feel about photography. And I love this time of year out here, too! And if you ever need a second shooter... :)

  5. Oh! They are beautiful! I hope you DO IT! It is your passion...I can hear it in your words!

  6. Your photos are beautiful! Go for it!!

  7. What a lovely dream, Krista! I hope it comes to fruition...sooner than you think it will.


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