Thursday, August 11, 2011

Boy Quotes #7

These are old as you can tell by the birthday quote, but somehow they never got published. I've been lax at writing more down recently. Bummer.

"I opened my (car) door by the power of science!"

When asking why he'd changed his mind from wanting a Thomas cake for his birthday (which he'd been repeating for months) to a Nemo cake he replied, "Because I'm spectacular!"
We always call him Mr. Particular (shh, he gets that from his Mama) and this was his misrepresentation of the word.  He is definitely spectacular!

Because he didn't have to wear dress pants to school on a Monday my husband said this the other night:
"I found another pair of jeans, yes I did.
I'm happy as can be; happy as a... squid!"

Cory made up his own song...
Jellyfish, jellyfish, whale, dolphin, jellyfish!

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