Thursday, August 04, 2011


Tuesday was supposed to be the hottest day this week so we went up to the waterslides in Chelan.  Of course it was actually overcast and cool until about half an hour before we were needing to leave.  Never fails! (See pictures here of Cory at the age Noah is now)

But we did have lots of fun and just warmed up in the hot tub a few times.

Cory is so big compared to last year, going on the beginner slides in the main area all by himself and not needing anyone to catch him at all.  He showed us how he's learning to swim too.  I tried hard not to laugh when his swim looked more like an underwater wiggle, but I'm happy that he is so confident in the water now!  He even went on the double tube ride with me and laughed all the way down!

It didn't take Noah long to discover the slides in the baby pool.  He was going up and down like a pro!

Although his version of sliding is to turn over on your tummy halfway down...

Pretty smart actually considering he either bonks his head because he can't sit up or ends up sliding down underwater when he's on his back.  This way he keeps his head and face a bit up on the slide and can get up on his own.

Hopefully next time we go it won't be so cold...


  1. Oh that place looks fun! I can think of a couple little boys around these parts who would get a kick out of that.


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