Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunting!

We've started a tradition of getting our Christmas trees the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Some years there's snow, some years there isn't.  This year was average, but I wasn't climbing up in the drifts to look at trees!

And neither was my also pregnant sister in law!  But we got some pretty pictures!

So while my mom and the guys were actually looking for trees... we were chasing boys up and down the road and playing in the snow!

Noah's first snow angels!

Big brother snow angel!

Daddy found us a tree!

And Grandpa got Cory with the snow off a tree... I think this might have been paybacks for Cory trying to get Grandpa to eat a rubber chocolate!

Noah also discovered the wonder that is eating snow!

No, no one pushed him...

 So fun Mama!

We had success, but our tree is a bit larger than the space we have for it... it will be interesting to see how we manage... and how the boys stay out of it.  Pictures will come when it's all decorated!

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