Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun

Brothers who haven't seen each other in four days can have a lot of fun together! 

Yes, you can ride tricycles in the snow even on Thanksgiving Day! (at Nana and Papa's house)

Grandma and Grandpa were also in town and we all had dinner together and hung out (seriously, how lucky am I that my parents and in-laws like being together!).

Grandma, the boys, and I did a bit of Black Friday shopping... around noon!  And then it was story time and that evening Cory got to go with Grandma and Nana to see Charlotte's Web.

On Saturday we went Christmas tree hunting (which deserves a post all it's own!) and then back to Nana and Papa's house for decorating gingerbread houses!  First year for Noah to participate and he loved it...

other than when we told him he couldn't eat the candy and got this face!

Auntie Allison also flew in Friday night so we've had 2 days with her and her baby bump as well!  Noah says her name "Oh-wee-oh" and it's darn cute!  Grandma and Grandpa are also Bama and Bapa.  He's so happy to have "his people" around and when one of them is not in the room he goes looking for them calling their name!

They're all leaving this morning and we will miss them, but thankfully it's only a few weeks until Christmas!

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